Swingolf coaching is a healthy alternative to the mechanics and positions that is technique golf instruction. You find your swing without work or frustration immediately. The ball is experienced as part of the whole. The swing is not at the end of coaching and neither does it start with the wood or even a short iron. The swing will start with the smallest of strokes; putting.

The faster the speed of the swing, the truer its motion, i.e. it rotates flawlessly. Therefore, we confirm that no tournament playing professional swings slowly with the driver. However, speed is only possible with soft, supple, long muscles. Starting with a full swing cannot produce the sensitivity that ensures consistency and distance. The understanding of the swing via the intellect may be the very deterrent to feeling and expressing it. It is commonly thought that tournament-playing professionals first learn technique and later their swing becomes instinctive. This is ludicrous. You did not learn to walk via mental, technical commands to the body that later become instinctive. The best players in the world do not KNOW HOW to swing, just as you do not KNOW HOW to walk, but CAN.